The Problem

Your documentation duties are costing you too much time?
With foxondo this is easier and faster.

Simple. Complete. Legally compliant.

You want to comply with your legal obligations, but “documentation” doesn’t pay the bills? Or is a comprehensive documentation important to you because you are aiming for certification? foxondo makes your life – at least in this area – easier.

With foxondo, you can document the following areas completely, legally compliant and easily to use:

Our Offer

Our 3 packages in foxondo.

Everything you need and nothing double.

You will be guided through all the content relevant to you. foxondo consists of questions and answers, which are built according to the multiple choice principle whenever possible: Just click on the one that applies to you and move on to the next question.

Data Protection

Since the GDPR came into effect, it is no longer enough to simply follow the rules. You have to be able to prove this as well.
foxondo helps with data protection documentation and includes an overview of processing activities as required by Art. 30 GDPR, fulfilling accountability in a somewhat easier way

Quality Management

Quality management is an important aspect to ensure quality. And a proper and up-to-date documentation of the measures that have been taken is important in order to obtain certification or re-certification. With foxondo, you can go to your next ISO 9001 audit completely relaxed.


The introduction and comprehensive documentation of an information security management system is a complex matter. You can significantly reduce the amount of consulting work required by using foxondo. It then becomes even easier to keep the information up to date as you go along.

How it works

What’s special about foxondo – in 150 seconds

Our Promise

Why foxondo is a good choice

Created by experts
We have over 15 years of experience with data protection documentation and have brought in experts from other specialist areas: our combined prior knowledge now makes your life easier.

Corporate groups benefit the most
They receive a centralized documentation, where subsidiaries only have to document their deviating features. This means much less effort for everyone. And more time for other things.

Very little training required
foxondo is so simple and self-explanatory that there is hardly any training required. Just log on and get started. And if you don’t have time for documentation for a few weeks, you’ll still know how it works.

Focusing on the essentials
Thanks to our diverse filter options, every user only ever sees the content that he or she needs or wants to see at any given moment.

Legally compliant: Relax before your audit, knowing nothing’s been forgotten
Our questions will guide you through the documentation. You cannot forget anything and for many questions the answers have already been prepared for you. And if an auditor wants it, you can easily create a suitable export.

Have the same view on the contents
If a topic in a module has already been documented once from a data protection perspective, this information does not need to be documented again for QM and/or ISMS: All users see the same content and redundant work is avoided.

Our documentation is even (a little) fun
Nobody is fighting over who gets to create and maintain documentation. Our mascot MrFOX is a good motivator and helps you with getting through the content.

Our Customers

Fox-on’s satisfied customers


Wir bei der VivoSensMedical setzen die webbasierten Dokumentationslösungen von fox-on seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich in unserer Datenschutzarbeit ein. Sie sind gut durchdacht, übersichtlich, einfach zu bedienen und jederzeit und überall verfügbar.

Sebastian Alexander
VivoSensMedical GmbH

In der Beratung und Begleitung von Menschen nach schweren Unfällen oder Erkrankungen arbeiten wir mit Gesundheitsdaten und sehr persönlichen Informationen. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist für uns der Datenschutz und der sichere Umgang mit diesen personenbezogenen Daten unerlässlich. fox-on ist hierbei für uns ein zuverlässiger und erfahrener Partner.

Gabriele Opitz
IHR Rehabilitations-Dienst GmbH

DS-Doku bedeutet für uns eine weitestgehend „stressfreie“ Umsetzung der DSGVO. Wir profitieren sehr davon, dass wir mit dem Tool alle Informationen zum Datenschutz an einem Ort zusammen führen können – egal ob es sich um Verträge zur Auftragsverarbeitung, Schulungsnachweise oder sonstiges handelt. DS-Doku gibt uns damit Sicherheit, dass alle erforderlichen Maßnahmen bearbeitet und dokumentiert sind. Sollte mal etwas fehlen oder überprüft werden müssen, bekommen wir einen entsprechenden Hinweis.

Stefanie Wallbruch
Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG
Hauptabteilungsleitung Organisation - Datenverarbeitung

Die Datenschutz-Dokumentation von fox-on ist ein gutes Hilfsmittel, die Dokumentations- und Nachweispflichten erfüllen zu können. Eine große Hilfe in einem komplexen und wichtigen Thema!


Die Datenbank DS Doku können wir in jeder Hinsicht nur empfehlen. Dank der dort strukturiert und transparent abgelegten DSGVO Informationen und Aktivitäten haben wir bisher jedes Audit mit Leichtigkeit geschafft. Die Datenbank DS Doku lässt sich leicht und spielerisch füllen und hat unseren 35 Werken sehr geholfen, einen guten Überblick über alle DSGVO relevanten Pflichten, Aufgaben und Themen zu bekommen und dadurch sehr rechtssicher zu sein.

Smurfit Kappa GmbH

Besonders gut an DS-Doku ist, dass man alle datenschutzrelevanten Dokumente an einem Ort gespeichert hat.

Ich arbeite sehr gerne mit fox-on zusammen, es ist ein starkes Team und man bekommt schnell einen Lösungsvorschlag und Unterstützung bei einem Problem oder einer Frage rund um den Datenschutz.

Unser Geschäftsführer, Hr. Woltermann-Hoffrichter, sieht in fox-on einen sehr kompetenten Partner.

Dirk Hombergen
Lebenshilfe Essen Service gGmbH
Leitung IT / Administration

Fox-on berät unser Unternehmen seit 2017 sehr kompetent. Wir werden auch während Umstellung auf die neuen DSGVO sehr gut begleitet und werden auf die aktuellen Entwicklungen proaktiv aufmerksam gemacht. Das Unternehmen setzt auf effektive Softwarelösungen um uns gezielt bei der Dokumentation für die DSGVO zu unterstützen.

Steffen Dudda
Qualysoft GmbH
Have we caught your interest?
Our Story

The story behind foxondo

It is crucial for the success of a company that all power, energy and passion is channelled into its own business model. For us this is data protection consulting, for you it is probably something else exciting.

In addition to our enthusiasm for implementing data protection as pragmatically as possible, we are very interested in structured workflows and process optimization. We also appreciate fun and good food. We are firmly convinced that good tools that are easy to use make life easier for everyone involved.

Keyword tools: Even something seemingly abstract like “fulfilling documentation obligations” is much easier to handle with a good tool.

We have built a documentation tool for us that works excellently. And we are happy to share this with you!

Our story goes back to the year 2004, when computer scientist Alef Völkner established herself as self-employed. She first developed software and then discovered data protection for herself: data protection is the perfect combination of computer science, law and common sense. This was at a time when very few people had ever heard of it. Our consulting firm fox-on has been growing and flourishing ever since and is now active not only in Germany but throughout Europe.

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018, many companies were suddenly looking for a good solution for data protection documentation. We at fox-on were one of them: we originally wanted to license an already existing solution in order to use it with our own customers. Since the products on the market at the time did not meet our needs, we took the issue into our own hands.

Together with the Hamburg-based software company mindmatters, we prepared all relevant content for the various data protection topics in a kind of database-based “question and answer game”. In some cases quite complex issues are documented, but all functions are as easy to use as possible: “It’s easy to develop software that is complicated to use,” explains our managing director Alef Völkner. “We have taken the trouble to develop software that is easy to use”.

The first version of the software has been running since the end of 2017 and the feedback from users is excellent. It soon became clear to us that the DS-Doku tool had the potential to apply quickly and easily in other documentation topics such as ISMS (Information Security Management System) and quality management. Together with mindmatters, we therefore developed DS-Doku into the foxondo portal.

This means that our customers now have a tool that not only makes legally required documentation legally compliant, but also makes it as simple as possible. The effort required for certification and re-certification is reduced considerably.

For us, the rule is always: Do everything that is necessary or useful. But without frills, because our customers also have other things to do. And in the best case it is even a bit of fun.