Your team will be amazed!

foxondo guides you seamlessly through all relevant topics. You can't forget anything and you'll be sure to keep track of everything.


foxondo works like a question and answer game. Wherever possible, the questions are built according to the multiple-choice principle: Simply click on what applies to you and move on to the next question.


foxondo is developed by professionals: Simply answer all questions, then you won't forget anything. This way you simply comply with your legal obligations. You want to be certified? That’s no problem either.

Legally compliant

All contents are closely aligned with the currently applicable laws and standards. And the best thing about it: the language is still understandable even for the non-specialists. Simply legally compliant.

Satisfied customers - regardless of industry and size

We know a lot about documentation.

We have been dealing with issues surrounding the documentation of data protection topics for many years. We have now been able to transfer our experience to other areas. With foxondo, you can create documentation for various contexts and maintain it very easily. Currently you can book the following topics with us:


Data protection

GDPR-compliant documentation including an overview of processing activities: Meet accountability obligations as easily as possible.


Quality management

Proper and up-to-date documentation for certification and re-certification. Go into the next ISO 9001 audit completely relaxed.



Significantly reduce the amount of consulting required to set up and maintain your ISMS. foxondo maps ISO 27001 including Annex A and integrates the Statements of Applicability (SOA).

vda isa


As a supplier to the automotive industry, you can prepare for your certification according to the VDA ISA standard in a simple and structured way.


Why is foxondo a good idea?

... because you see the forest as well as the trees.

Thanks to our numerous filter options, every user only sees the content that they need or want to see at any given time. So both the big picture and the detailed view is available.

... because it really is simple.

foxondo works so simply, intuitively and user-friendly that there is hardly any training required. All you need to do is concentrate on your content. The rest is child's play.

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Especially useful for group companies

You get a central documentation, where subsidiaries only have to document their specifics. This means much less work for everyone. And more time for other things.


Documentation can also be fun!

There are likely only a few people who are eager to be allowed to create and maintain documentation. Our mascot MrFOX is a good motivator and has helpful tips for content.

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