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What's good for us is also good for you. In addition to our enthusiasm for implementing data protection as pragmatically as possible, we are very interested in structured workflows and process optimization. Good tools that are easy to use make life easier for everyone involved: we built foxondo for us, and now we're happy to share it with you. It works simply, completely and securely. Sign up today and try it for yourself!

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How it all began...

In 2004, computer scientist Alef Völkner set up her own business. She first developed software and then discovered data protection for herself: data protection is the perfect combination of computer science, jurisprudence and common sense. At the time, very few people had ever heard of it. Since then, our consulting firm fox-on has grown and prospered and is now active not only in Germany but throughout Europe.

GDPR as an accelerator for data protection documentation

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018, many companies were suddenly looking for a good solution for data protection documentation.

So were we at fox-on: we originally also wanted to license an already existing solution to use it with our own customers. None of the products on the market at the time appealed to us, so we took the matter into our own hands.

Together with the Hamburg software company mindmatters, we prepared all the relevant content for the various data protection topics in a kind of database-type "question and answer game". In this way, despite the sometimes quite complex topics, all functions are as easy to use as possible.

"It's easy to develop software that is complicated to use," our CEO Alef Völkner explains."We took the trouble to develop software that simply works."


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The expansion to the portal foxondo.

The first version of the software has been running steadily since the end of 2017 and the feedback from users has been excellent. Soon it became clear to us: our application has the potential to create value quickly and easily for other documentation topics such as ISMS (Information Security Management System) and quality management.

Together with mindmatters, we therefore expanded DS-Doku into the foxondo portal. This provides our customers with a tool that not only makes legally required documentation legally compliant, but also as simple as possible.

The effort required for certifications and re-certifications is reduced considerably. For us, the rule is always: do everything that is necessary or makes sense. But without frills, because our customers also have other things to do. And in the best case, it's even a bit of fun.